Racing Wives - Season 1 Episode 1

A look at the private lives of women who are married to world famous race car drivers.



Episode:1/8 eps





Season 1 - Racing Wives
"Whitney Dillon and Mariel Lane have growing pains in their friendship. Samantha Busch pitches Amber Balcaen to husband Kyle to be his first female driver. Ashley Busch, Kurt Busch\u2019s wife, and Samantha try to bridge the divide between their husbands."
"After her gaffe at the Catwalk event, Amber is summoned to KBM to meet with Sam and wonders if she blew her shot. Whitney takes it upon herself to bring Mariel to Ashley\u2019s dinner party \u2013 where a good time is definitely not had by all."
"Whitney and Mariel's feud drives Whitney further into the wives' social circle; Amber questions her future in North Carolina; after surprising a childless couple with grant money for IVF, Samantha gets more serious about having another baby."
"Whitney and Mariel reconcile their friendship, Mariel finds a wedding venue, Samantha worries about her reproductive health, and Amber pushes forward with her racing career."
"The ladies travel to Daytona for one of the biggest and most dangerous races of the season; Sam worries what her health issues might mean for having another child; as the race season nears the end, the clock is ticking for Amber."
"Hostilities are renewed when Whitney and Mariel snub Ashley's invite to Kurt's birthday party, and Samantha helps Amber prepare for her big race at Hickory Motor Speedway."
"The war of the wives reaches its end as battle lines are drawn and friendships are tested; Amber finally gets her moment to prove herself on the track and show KBM she is ready for the big leagues."