Broke A$$ Game Show

A half-hour comedy where hosts David Magidoff and Derek Gaines hit the streets of NYC luring unsuspecting contestants to play some broke a$$ challenges for cold hard cash.

Genre: Comedy , Reality

Actor: Derek Gaines , David Magidoff

Country: USA

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2015

IMDb: 7.4

Season 1 - Broke A$$ Game Show
"Snuggling in the park for cash; swear up Times Square; construction workers become construction twerkers."
"A man is rewarded for using a porta-potty; a group licks wasabi off a sushi restaurant's window; an employee texts his boss."
"Covering faces with clothespins; a young woman is asked to dress like a nun and steal food from diners' plates."
"Contestants must allow seagulls to eat bread off their bodies in Coney Island."
"Scaring up contestants while dressed as shrubbery; a pie-eating contest; a game called \"Wheel of Fish.\""
"A Harlem Shake-up gone wrong; confirming the existence of a Cotton Candy Sasquatch; answering \"What's in my wiener?\""
"The guys try to get people to part with their pride, clothes and even chest hair. Also: a game of hoops; and a geography contest."
"A grocery shopper bags some cash; and two women take a dip on a nippy day. Also: a self-wedgie machine."
Season 2 - Broke A$$ Game Show
"David and Derek return to the streets of NY to spread cash and joy toanyone silly enough to see-saw with a sumo wrestler, stuff a magnet in theircrotch or blow a cockroach into their buddy\u2019s mouth."
"After popping out of serving platters to scare customers at a brunch buffet, Davidand Derek test the people of Brooklyn on their knowledge of \u201ccornography,\u201d and challenge friends to inflate condoms."
"Derek and David ditch the cart and hop in a cash canoe for trivia with random New Yorkers, then convince strangers to streak in public for money."
"It\u2019s the start of a great Broke A$$ day as David and Derek make some early house calls, then dupe the public as a fake local news team. Later, they help musician Travis Mills recruit more \u201cface book\u201d friends."
"The guys bring their version of Vegas to the street corner, head to the park and pay strangers to experience their first \u201cs\u2019morgasm,\u201d and ask people to call in sick to work with some Broke A$$ excuses."
"Contestants get a shot at $100 cash\u2026if they use their tongues to get it. David and Derek stuff a lot of green inside a burrito, and take bar patrons on a literal pub crawl\u2026pacifiers, bottles and all."
"After celebrating 4:20 a little early, David and Derek tell New Yorkers to kiss their A$$. Then, the guys rely on the kindness of strangers to answer the age-old question, boxers or briefs?"
"Obama lays down the beat as contestants spit their best freestyle to impress special guest Ja Rule. David & Derek make a human sushi roll, and a contestant attempts to outrun an entire football team wearing a suit made of cash."
"David and Derek give New Yorkers a peek behind their meat curtain, and then head to the park to get their balls kicked. Later, the guys treat some lucky folks to a uniquely Broke A$$ spa day."
"After crowning the horniest person in New York, David and Derek cause alarm in Central Park. Later, contestants are chained together and the key to their freedom lies hidden in their underwear."
"David and Derek give some New Yorkers a close shave, then put the \u201c5 Second Rule\u201d to the test on the Coney Island boardwalk. Later, the guys butter up two friends in order to win some actual bread."
"On the Broke A$$ Game Show, green means stop! After causing a traffic jam, David and Derek proposition New Yorkers to 69 each other \u2013 literally."
"It\u2019s new money, old problems as our hosts entice passersby with a uniquely Broke A$$ makeover. Later, David puts the change in diaper change and contestants get bloodthirsty during a drinking game."
"David and Derek bribe New Yorkers to make lemons out of lemonade then head to the corner to sneeze all over strangers. Later, when they serve up some very freaky froyo, the contestants are anything but chill."
"David and Derek put one New Yorker up to something fishy and then encourage a group of contestants to sniff out their winnings. At night, they head to a local bar with enough cash to make it rain."