Hacking the Wild

Andy Quitmeyer attempts to survive in the wild while using everyday technology to aid him.

Genre: Action & Adventure , Drama

Actor: Andy Quitmeyer

Country: USA

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2017

IMDb: 4

Season 1 - Hacking the Wild
"Andy braves the Louisiana swamp, a deadly place packed with alligators, snacks, and dangerous predators. Andy rigs his bag of tech to create fresh water, gather food, and escape back to civilization."
"Andy tries to survive a remote Hawaiian jungle, one of the most rain-soaked and challenging places on earth. Making his electronic equipment work in this environment will push his hacking skills to the limit, but he'll have to do it to make it back home."
"Andy braves a remote forest in Alaska. To make it back to civilization, he must use his tech to devise a way to stay warm, dry and alive."
"Andy is stranded alone on an island in the Pacific Ocean, and with a tropical storm looming, he must use his tech to find food and stay alive."
"Andy is stuck on a remote glacier in Alaska, a dangerous landscape almost completely devoid of life and resources. To escape back to civilization, he will need to hack his tech gear to battle the snow and cold that makes this place so deadly."
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