Holiday Baking Championship

Eight bakers compete in making delicious and innovative holiday treats for a chance to be named the Holiday Baking Champion and win $50,000.

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2014

IMDb: 7.4

Season 1 - Holiday Baking Championship
"Two cookie challenges are featured in the premiere of this holiday baking competition."
"Seven bakers remain to compete in challenges revolving around classic holiday flavors, including having to create a swirled treat using eggnog; and get to play with varieties of sugar and spice."
"Six bakers remain to take on the challenge of pie. First, they are given a store-bought crust to transform into something tasty; and later, they have to make three different varieties of pie."
"It's all about cake for the five remaining bakers, who are first asked to do something new with fruitcake; and later, they are given the challenge of reinventing the yule log."
"Desserts highlighting the flavors of peppermint and hot chocolate are made; and later, the competing bakers are tasked with creating a holiday breakfast featuring three sweet dishes."
"Season 1 comes to a close with the three remaining bakers taking on a gingerbread challenge, inspired by a favorite holiday memory. In the end, a winner is declared and awarded $50,000."
Season 3 - Holiday Baking Championship
"For the pre-heat, host Bobby Deen challenges the nine bakers to take seasonal hot beverages like hot chocolate and apple cider a step further by turning them into desserts. Then, in the main heat, these culinary artisans show off their decorating skills by creating a filled Bundt cake wreath."
"Clash of the Grandmas (2015) star Norma Zager joins Bobby Deen to lend her expertise; for the pre-heat, the contestants must make two types of cookies; the bakers compete to create the best pie, without the use of appliances."
"The remaining seven bakers create elegant trifles by combining all of their favorite Thanksgiving desserts into one; the bakers make Thanksgiving impostor cupcakes."
"In the pre-heat, the remaining six bakers make desserts with toasted marshmallows; the bakers embellish traditional yule logs."
"The bakers must whip up ugly Christmas sweater desserts for the pre-heat; in the main heat, the bakers create edible gift boxes filled with treats."
"The remaining four bakers recreate their childhood memories of Christmas mornings by making edible dessert stockings; the bakers build colorful cream pull Christmas trees."
"The final three must make snacks for North Pole characters other than Santa; the bakers must create a North Pole-inspired cake; the winner gets the title Holiday Baking Champion and a $50,000 prize."
"Three stars from Kids Baking Championship (2015) and three stars from Holiday Baking Championship (2014) compete in a holiday-themed showdown for the $10,000 prize."
Season 4 - Holiday Baking Championship
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Season 5 - Holiday Baking Championship
"The pumpkin spice phenomenon hits the championship; for the pre-heat, nine bakers attempt to wow the judges with creative pumpkin spiciness; in the main heat, the bakers must combine a yule log with a classic holiday treat."
"For the pre-heat, the eight bakers work in teams to make four different kinds of pies on the same sheet pan; in the main heat, the bakers embrace the stuffed feeling after the Thanksgiving meal by making stuffed cakes featuring seasonal ingredients."
"Seven bakers must make a dessert combining cranberry with another flavor; to combat the sleepiness that follows turkey, the main heat challenges the bakers to create a sweet treat that pairs coffee with an unusual flavor of coffee syrup."
"The holidays are a time for artistry and decorations, so for the pre-heat, inflatable holiday decorations inspire the six bakers' cute cream puff displays; in the main heat, the bakers dazzle the judges with delicious hand-painted eggnog cakes."
"Five bakers have to update traditional rugelach with unexpected new flavors like cardamom, grapefruit, guava paste, peanut butter or chai; the judges are craving their favorite ingredients in the form of a light and creamy tiramisu in the main heat."
"In the pre-heat, bakers have to combine common pantry ingredients like balsamic vinegar, potato chips, oatmeal, red wine and olive oil in a new version of a classic holiday dessert; the bakers must use two key fruitcake components in a new dessert."
"Three final bakers must create a beautiful edible holiday ornament display in the pre-heat; for the final main heat, the bakers must create a cake that is decorated like a gift on the outside and reveals a surprise inside when sliced."