Kung Fu: The Legend Continues

Kwai Chang Caine was a priest at a Shaolin temple, where his son Peter also lived and studied. The temple was destroyed and father and son each thought the other had perished in the fire. ...

Duration:60 min




Season 1 - Kung Fu: The Legend Continues
"This is the first part in a two part episode. Caine returns to Chinatown and encounters a protection racket. He also reunites with Lo Si (The Ancient)."
"This is the second part of the series.Caine is reunited with his son,who he thought was dead. Guest Stars-Ernst Abuda,Lori Hallier,Bernadette Li,Mark W Conklin,Von Flores,Marla Schaffel."
"Caine helps author Elliott Cooper,who has been marked for death for writing a book about Shadow Assasins, men who can kill you with their thoughts. Guest Stars-Martin Kove, Lauren Piech, Gary Blumsack, Belinda Metz(not as jody powell)."
"Peter and Caine attend the wedding of Peter's sister,Carolyn,at the Sutton Place hotel. They stumble upon a robbery in progress. Guest stars-Bernard Behrens,Geordie Johnson,Marla Schaffel."
"Peter must clear his fathers's name when Caine is wrongly charged with murder. The victim is the ancient's nephew. Guest Stars-Geza Kavoa,Joe Di Mombro,Von Flores."
"Peter's new partner is physically abusing his wife,so Peter sends her to Caine for help. Guest Stars-Kim Coates,Jason McSkimmey,Calista Carradine,Kate Trotter(before joining the cast as Captain Simms)"
"Caine and Peter go undercover to investigate several murders that are linked to a high stakes Chinese dice game. Guest Stars-Betsy Soo,Fred Lee."
"Tan, a chinatown crimelord and the renegade Shaolin monk who destroyed Caine's temple, is back in Chinatown and he challenges Caine to a showdown. Guest Stars-Ernst Abuda.Mark W Conklin.Von Flores.Bernadette Li."
"One of Caine's students has become involved in a fight ring. When The Ancient is kidnapped, Caine is forced to fight. Guest Stars-Glen Plursmer, Stavroula Lagothettis, and Peter \"\"Sugarfoot\"\" Cunningham."
"Peter thinks about leaving the force, after he shoots an innocent bystander at the scene of a robbery. Guest Stars-Tom Mason.Marina Anderson.Victoria Snow."
"Peter tries to free a busload of students and a teacher which is being held hostage by a disturbed man. Guest Stars-Craig Wasson.Richard Anderson"
"Caine only has a few hours to find a rare herb that is needed to save the life of a little girl. Unfortunately, the woods, where the herb grows, have been taken over by a survivalist who has set boobytraps to keep people out. Guest Stars-Scott Hylands.Laura Press.Marianne Maroney.Suzanna Duncan."
"When Peter's blind stepmother is attacked, it is up to Caine to help her use her other senses to identify her attacker. Guest Stars-Chris Wiggins.Eli Gabay."
"While sitting at the bedside of an injured Peter, Caine reflects upon his early days in Chinatown when he and Peter fought against corrupt cops and would-be crime boss Clarence Choi (who later reappeared in two episodes: \"\"Aspects of the Soul\"\" and \"\"Veil of Tears\"\")."
"Caine goes undercover in a psychiatric hospital to protect a patient he believes is not crazy; but in real danger. Guest Stars-Catherine Disher.Sam Malkin."
"One of Caine's former students, Valerie, seeks his protection after she witnesses a murder. Guest Stars-Cali Timmins."
"Peter is asked to help Kyle, an old friend, whose girlfriend has been kidnapped. Peter and his father form a Dragon's Wing to help find her. Guest Stars-Patrick MacNee.Robert Vaughn."
"Caine helps a Native American tribesman who is opposing the building of a casino on reservation land. Guest Stars-Billy Merosty.Lawrence Bayne."
"When a student of Caine's disappears, Peter and his father try to find her and come upon a white slavery ring. Guest Stars-Deborah Drakeford.Dylan Neal."
"Part one of a two-part episode. Caine volunteers to protect the heir to the Chinese throne, who is in danger of being assassinated. Guest Stars-Ernie Reyes Jr.Bernadette Li."
"Part two of a two-part episode. As Emporer-to-be Sing-Ling prepares to ascend the throne, Caine and Peter continue to battle assassins. Guest Stars-Ernie Reyes Jr.Bernadette Li."
Season 2 - Kung Fu: The Legend Continues
"The shadow assassin has returned to Chinatown to seek revenge against Kwai Chang Caine. This time he has help. Guest Stars-Martin Kove, George Lazenby, and Gary Blumsack."
"Caine asks Peter if he can spend the day with him, wanting to see how Peter spends a normal day. Guest Stars- Natalie Radford, Henry Czerny, and Dominic Zamprogna. Special Guest Star- Regis Philbin"
"The Ancient wins the lottery with a ticket given to him as a goodwill gesture by a greedy developer and upcoming politician. Now Tan wants it. Guest Stars-Chuck Shamata, Joel Wyner, Amanda Tapping, and James Spiddel."
"Peter enlists the help of a young girl, who is psychic, to help find a gun that has been used in the murder of a cop. Caine discovers the girl has a psychic protector --- another Caine! Guest Stars-James Purcell, Heather Brown, and Linda Thomson."
"Caine and Peter return to Braniff, wherein lies the temple were Peter grew up. They meet the widow of one of the priests from the temple. She needs their help since some very familiar townspeople are harrassing her and her son. Guest Stars-Kerrie Keane, Christopher Redman, Kevin Jubenville, Colin Fox, and Robert Collins."
"Peter goes undercover in a Kung Fu tournament to help save a little girl who has been kidnapped. Guest Stars-Bo Svenson, Alex Carter, and Christine Reeves."
"Peter takes a few days off work, and he and his father go camping. They come across a group of lost campers and an escaped criminal and his sons."
"An industrialist, who holds a grudge against Caine, sponsors a martial arts tournament. When Caine enters the tournament, Peter follows him, on a special undercover assignment."
"Peter is wounded in the line of duty, but he cannot be operated on, because his life signs are fluctuating. Caine finds out that Peter's soul is being held in the Bardo, an in-between realm of memories, including those of Caine abandoning Peter."
"The Church is trying to exorcise a man who is possessed. However, something goes wrong and the demon possesses other people, instead. Somehow, Caine gets involved and tries to help a troubled man who has been possessed."
"To save his father who is dying, a Chinese warlord insists that Caine use his healing skills to cure the warlord's father."
"Caine is one of the jurors in a murder trial. He is the only juror who believes that the defendent is innocent."
"A magician at a nightclub uses magic to hypnotize and kill wealthy victims. Caine pretends to be a magician so that he can stop the killer."
"Caine is contacted by Clarence Choi, who seeks friendship and forgiveness for his past attacks against Caine."
"Aborigines are angry about a land deal made by a businessman who happens to be the uncle of Peter's girlfriend. Pretty soon, aboriginal assassins appear on the scene."
"A group of two elderly men and a Chinese boy, recently back from college, decide to fight crime. When they get themselves involved in a major robbery by notorious gang, Peter and Kwai Chang Caine must help them."
"George, an expert thief, returns to steal ancient Chinese treasures, which unleashes a deadly curse."
"The Dalai Lama and Caine are kidnapped. Will Peter be able to rescue them, with the help of two former acquaintances, who are mercenaries."
"A ruthless black magic cult, that uses an usual form of kung fu, tries to kill an archeologist because of a document he has deciphered."
"Peter and Caine come to the rescue of an impassioned Chinese dissident who is trying to help the democracy movement in his country."
"When a senator is killed at a Captain Blaisdell's reunion of his former commando team, Peter says he saw the captain kill the senator. Caine helps the captain find answers to this puzzle from an event that occurred in Blaisdell's past."
Season 3 - Kung Fu: The Legend Continues
"Peter gets off on the wrong foot with his new captain. Meanwhile, Caine has travelled to Shambhala to battle an evil warrior who has ties to Peter's world."
"When a deadly plague is released by a madman, can Caine come up with the antidote in time?"
"When Peter spends a day following Caine on his rounds, they end up dealing with a hostage crisis."
"When a young Chinese emperor is targeted for murder, Peter and Caine end up protecting him during his return trip to China. They are pursued by a determined agent of the Chinese government."
"When an Assistant District Attorney is murdered, the evidence points to Peter, as the likely suspect."
"In this time-travel episode, Caine switches places with his grandfather, the Kwai Chang Caine from the Kung Fu series, endangering his very existence."
"Peter investigates a case where two physicians have died of unknown causes. A third physician says he is also dying and Caine agrees with that diagnosis. The third doctor tell Peter that he knows who has \"murdered\" him."
"A South American witch doctor (a \"brujo\") from Peter's childhood, possesses him."
"Caine runs for City Council to stop a developer frm evicting tenants. Meanwhile, Peter takes the lieutenant's test: a passing grade would mean a transfer."
"An earthquake shakes up the city, and shakes loose a criminal that Peter and Jody just apprehended."
"Peter and his father visit a local high school to help the students and teachers after a undercover cop is stabbed at a basketball game. Guest Stars-Scott Speedman."
"Someone's after a diary owned by Caine's father, which contains half a map leading to an ancient chalice with powers \"\"too great for mortal man.\"\""
"Peter must protect a mob lawyer whose past includes a run-in with Caine that ended in tragedy."
"Kermit's sister is being dogged by \"\"dark forces\"\" in her house, where a murder had been committed. Who's she gonna call? Caine."
"Rivals of the Shaolin, a terrorist group known as the Scorpion Sect, have infiltrated a fashion show which is on tour. While Caine impersonates a fashionista named Gaston, Peter finds himself in a bodyguard role for the show's supermodel, Alana."
"Memebers of the 101st Precinct board a cruise ship for a wedding\/ Also aboard: terrorists with a cruise missile."
"Caine comes to the aid of on old flame whose physician-husband is being \"\"run out\"\" of the town where they live."
"On the set of a martial arts movie, whose star resembles Peter as closely as any identical twin, something evil is sabotaging the film."
"When some high-tech criminals decide to rob a bank, they take more than twenty people hostage. Unfortunately for them, one of the hostages happens to be Caine."
"Caine's bluesman friend is singing the blues when his daughter, an up-and-coming singer, gets mixed up with a nasty producer."
"Caine is held captive in a castle where an \"\"evil beyond comprehension\"\" lurks. Its personification: his brother Damon."
"Peter decides to become a Shaolin priest, but a \"\"negative force\"\" lurks in the temple where he's studying under Caine."
Season 4 - Kung Fu: The Legend Continues
"Peter is having psychic visions about murders."
"In this episode, Peter and Caine travel to ancient China to help the first shaolin monks fight the warlords. The monks don't have the tattoos and Peter and Caine must explain the essence of being Shaolin."
"A hold-up man shoots Skalany in a small-town diner, but the real bad guy is his boss---a U.S. Marshall."
"Caine has a vision in volving Capt. Simms, gunfire and an underworld figure. Then, witnesses see Simms shoot the mobster."
"\"\"Deadly and venomous creatures\"\" want to use Caine to take over Chinatown. Meanwhile, Peter has a new girlfriend."
"Somebody's targeting a hockey team, so Peter poses as a player and joins the team."
"When the Dalai Lama visits Chinatown, he is targeted by a strange contract killer with flames in his eyes. Peter and Caine find out that the assassin is an old friend."
"A mercenary named Macklin with whom Caine and Peter have had a run-ins in the past, turns up at a military academy, where cadets are killing themselves."
"Kids exploring an abandoned house find a trove of Chinese artifacts, including a board game which emits a \"\"great force\"\" that hits Caine miles away."
"Kwai Chang Caine enrolls in a speech class while Peter tries to solve a rash of crimes against local merchants. Several of the merchants,who happen to be in the class, are being terrorized by members of a triad group led by Li Sung (see earlier episode \"\"Tournament\"\") and his new disciple Clarence Choi (see earlier episodes \"\"The Lacquered Box\"\" and \"\"Aspects of the Soul\"\"). Li Sung wants to take control of the successful businesses owned by these merchants, and kidnaps their teacher in an attempt to get them to comply. Banding together with Caine and Peter, the merchants fight back against the triad and manage to free their teacher and send Clarence and Li Sung back to prison."
"A carnival house of horrors scares a man to death --- thanks to its operator, an old adversary of Caine's known as Dr. Frieze."
"Caine and Peter trace the missing Kermit to a compound where a terrorist is holding relatives of diplomats and politicians hostage."
"After a date with Scalany, Caine is hit by a car, then disappears. Months later he surfaces aa a casino pianist---who recognizes no one from the precinct."
"Kermit travels to Florida to seek revenge on the gangster who murdered his brother."
"Sing Wah memebers steal a Shaolin treasure and sell it to a publishing house, which uses it for a promotional treasure hunt. Then Sing Wah decides it wants it back."
"Caine is poisoned by some assailants with a toxin that affects his chi, his life force. According to the Ancient, Caine will die, unless his spirit and his chi can be reunited."
"Gangsters from Chinatown seek a key and bracelet that are in the possession of a female kung fu teacher, whose mortally ill grandfather was an old adversary of the Ancient."
"Thieves cause a blackout, allowing the escape of a pair of prisoners at the 101st Precinct ."
"When Captain Simms is abducted, she is taken back to 1977."
"Peter has a difficult time protecting a woman from a stalker, a rogue police officer. Meanwhile, Caine is dealing with his own demons."
"A blizzard, on Christmas Eve, provides opportunities to a variety of criminals: a mugger disguised as Santa Claus, a repeat rapist, and an attempted prison break. The officers of the 101st Precinct must deal with them all."
"When a hostage taker demands to be patched into a talk-radio host's show, Caine defuses the crisis on the air --- which launches his own radio career."