Rescue Special Ops

Dean Gallagher and Chase are brothers. Competitive alpha males, they argue over everything, agree on nothing, but defend each other from outsiders no matter what. They're also members of the elite RESCUE Special Operations Unit.

Duration:60 min




Season 1 - Rescue Special Ops
"In this brand new Aussie drama, the members of Australia's most elite rescue unit rely on courage, mateship and extreme skills as they risk their lives to save others. \n\nTwo teenagers have gone missing overnight from a school camp in the Blue Mountains. Did they run away? Or is there something more sinister afoot? Rescue Special Ops are called in to do a sweep of the rugged terrain and they discover one of the teenagers, shaken and cold. But he can\u2019t, or won\u2019t, say what happened to his girlfriend. And that\u2019s not the only secret the Mountains are hiding. \n\nAs they search for the missing girl, Dean and Lara stumble upon a missing plane, and even more astonishing, a passenger who survived the crash. As Dean bonds with the dying woman, some clever sleuthing by Heidi reveals a bizarre student love triangle."
"An adrenaline junkie taunts the Rescue team with a series of deadly stunts. Meanwhile, Lara risks her life to save thrill seekers from a flooded stormwater drain, and Dean is caught in the middle of an extortion racket after the high-rise rescue of an exotic dancer."
"Jordan's shady past returns to haunt him when his best mate is accused of murder. Then, Dean and Lara take extreme action to rescue a crime boss from his firebombed nightclub, with deadly results. Elsewhere, a friendly bet between Rescue and the Fire Brigade exposes their naked rivalry."
"When a serial rock-thrower causes a fatal car crash, the team is determined to bring him to justice. Then, Chase risks his career to grant a mother's dying wish, while a potential recruit to the Rescue team has a dangerous obsession with Lara."
"When a boat skipper goes missing after a tragic ferry accident, Dean becomes obsessed with finding him \u2014 dead or alive. Heidi vows to uncover the identity of a mysterious young \"Jane Doe\" who died suddenly after a ferry disaster. Meanwhile, Dean and Chase face some home truths when their father introduces his sexy young girlfriend."
"Jordan is caught in a web of sex, lies and sabotage following a bizarre accident at a building site. Michelle faces the toughest day of her career as she deals with a string of disasters."
"Heidi's life is thrown into chaos when she makes a chilling discovery at a fun park rescue. Jordan helps save the life of a serial rapist \u2014 but have the police got the wrong man? Dean rescues an old flame, sparking a hot new romance."
"Dean and Lara pursue a gang of incompetent ATM ram-raiders, with explosive results. Vince and the team battle to rescue Dean and Chase's father from a building site accident. Michelle fears the worst when Head Office launches an investigation into the Unit."
"A freak accident causes havoc at an illegal rave party. Chase ignores Dean's warnings about his obsessive new friend, and Lara suspects Hamish is having an affair."
"An explosion in a shopping centre sees Rescue Special Ops reunite with the Firies to get panicked shoppers to safety. But there's a little boy missing, and locating him becomes a top priority for Vince. When an environmental activist group (ECO) takes responsibility for the explosion, one of the frightened shoppers overhears the word 'bomb', and causes major panic. Things are further complicated when a steroid abusing, gym junkie has a heart attack in the car park and Heidi and Chase have to save him.\n\nMeanwhile newly single Lara rescues a man stuck on a balcony and is given a small boost by his flirting. But their day isn't over yet. Another ECO activist glues himself to a pole in order to spread the message. And when Lara and Jordan go to rescue some passengers stuck in a lift, they discover an attractive young activist Caitlin, who succeeds in getting her message across to just one person - Jordan. And Lara realises that it might not be so great being single after all."
"A wedding turns to tragedy when the bride is trapped in a hot air balloon. Dean suspects sabotage when a series of life-threatening accidents hits the Rescue team and Michelle is blackmailed by a hi-tech stalker."
"Lara's first day as Team Leader goes horribly wrong when a hoax emergency puts the team in danger. Vince and Michelle are terrorised by an intruder at Rescue HQ and Heidi is jealous when Jordan flirts with a sexy bushwalker."
"Rescue faces its most extreme emergency yet when an oil tanker is involved in a massive accident. Dean realises Lara's life is in danger from a violent stalker. Can he rescue her in time? It's Lara's wedding day, but does she have cold feet?"
Season 2 - Rescue Special Ops
"Dean and the team are back, and they risk their lives to save a miner trapped in an underground disaster. Michelle fears for her team's safety when Vince uncovers a criminal conspiracy at the gold mine, and Vince is tempted by a lucrative job offer to leave Special Ops."
"A jetskier causes an explosion at a marina fuel depot, with deadly results for Dean. Passions ignite during a turf war between Rescue and a glamorous firefighter, and Chase's love life takes an unexpected turn."
"The team is caught in a deadly child custody dispute after rescuing a family from a car crash. Heidi's quest to become a chopper pilot takes a nosedive, and Chase helps Bingo get justice after he is conned by an old schoolmate."
"Returning from a surfing safari, Jordan attends a cliff-top bus crash and is forced to make a fateful choice over whose life to save. Vince uses all his romantic charm to catch a con woman during a date, and Lara has the last laugh after Dean supports her husband's decision to buy a motorbike."
"A massive explosion rips through the A-list party of an infamous breakfast radio host. Michelle takes extreme action when the rivalry between Chase and Bingo starts to affect their work."
"After risking their lives to save a missing kayaker, the team is hunted down by a murderous drug addict in a deadly game of cat and mouse. Also, Jordan and Heidi discover a secret drug lab in a national park."
"Dean is obsessed with finding a missing child after a freak car accident. Chase wins more than gratitude when he saves his counsellor, Emma, from a violent patient. A dispute over a winning lottery ticket threatens to wreck Jordan and Heidi's friendship."
"No description"
"Michelle risks the future of Rescue when she covers up a sex scandal involving a government minister. The team uncovers a trail of arson and murder while rescuing guests from a luxury hotel, and Dean learns the heartbreaking truth about his girlfriend Anika."
"The heat is on Rescue to locate a missing rock star after a disaster at a music festival. Jordan fights to help Heidi fulfil her dream of becoming a Rescue chopper pilot."
"Chase uncovers a deadly conspiracy at an underground train disaster, Dean and Lara get an unexpected shock while searching for a man lost in subway tunnels, and Vince makes a startling confession while helping a suicidal man."
"Lara finds herself the target of organised crime after rescuing a charming con man from a plane crash, and Chase and the team are plagued by bad luck while treating the survivors of a light plane crash in remote wilderness."
"Michelle and her baby are kidnapped, sparking a desperate manhunt and rescue for Dean, Vince and the team. Michelle receives the DNA tests on her son. So who is the father? Chase suffers a painful injury during a high rise rescue."
Season 3 - Rescue Special Ops
"The team is threatened with the introduction of Lifeblood, a privately owned rescue organisation trying to take over their business. It leaves the entire team on edge, in fear of losing their jobs and their future in rescue work."
"After receiving a panicked call from a man lost in a foggy ravine, Rescue are flying blind as they try to reach him. Meanwhile, Chase, Jordan and Heidi struggle to find Katie, and the LifeBlood chopper tasked with helping them is useless."
"When a young girl, Lily, is found trapped on a crumbling cliff ledge by the ocean, Rescue call for the Lifeblood chopper - only to find that the ballsy pilot is none other than Heidi."
"The private lives of Rescue are in turmoil. Lara struggles to cope with her marriage break-up, while Chase hides a debilitating shoulder injury, worried that coming clean could cost him his job."
"The team is called out to a Gay Pride rehearsal, where dancers have been trapped under an overturned float."
"Due to his shoulder injury, Chase takes over Vince's normal role at the station while Vince heads into the field responding to a routine man-in-a-machine run"
"Called to a high-rise office to rescue a general manager and his assistant when their late-night tryst goes horribly wrong, Rescue are shocked to discover the real reason for the GM's heart attack."
"Swinging by her office early one morning, Michelle interrupts an intruder photocopying Rescue documents. In the ensuing foot chase, the intruder is sideswiped by a car."
"The team rescue Tan, an injured rock fisherman who doesn't speak English. Jordan goes up with the man to the Lifeblood chopper, piloted by Heidi. They soon learn what the man was trying to say another man is stuck on the cliffs."
"The Rescue team attend an overturned bus on a lonely stretch of bush highway, only to discover it is full of female prisoners."
"The team are testing out their new quad bikes on the Kurnell dunes when they come across a critically injured boy, Shaun, in a smashed-up dune buggy."
"When a light plane strays into city airspace and can't be contacted, Rescue is dispatched to trail it in the event of an emergency."
"Wind buffets the Patrol as Heidi and Jordan race to rescue a storm chaser, Ed, trapped in his upturned car. However, the wind hampers their rescue and threatens to send the car over a cliff."
"Rescue are stretched thin having responded to an incident at a large art gallery where a cleaner has launched himself from the mezzanine and impaled himself on a valuable steel sculpture below. Around the same time a woman has wedged her car into an adjoining alley."
"The Rescue unit attends an MVA involving one Helen Hillerstrom, who reveals her son, Oscar, is missing in the Blue Mountains."
"The Rescue team are called to a teenage party, where a balcony has collapsed, trapping many. It's chaos on the ground as drunken kids interfere with the rescue and hysterical bleeding teens need to be wrangled."
"Rescue search the bush for a missing prospector, Simon Prestwich, but Lara and Dean are distracted when a car crashes on a fire trail."
"The Gallagher brothers' boot-camp session on Freshwater beach is interrupted when a kite-surfer is blown against a beachfront condo."